Boudewijn Tarenskeen

copyright foto's: Judith Jockel


Boudewijn Tarenskeen was born on 15 December 1952 in Hollandia, Netherlands New Guinea (present-day Indonesia). He moved to the Netherlands in 1962.

After completing secondary school, he studied oboe for one year at the former Muzieklyceum (academy of music) in Amsterdam, followed by four years of studying musical composition at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague under Peter Schat, Louis Andriessen en Konrad Boehmer.

Since 1976, has been a full-time composer of orchestral music, chamber music, ballet music, musical theatre, theatre music, film scores, religious music and songs.

In 2009, he was awarded the Matthijs Vermeulen Prize for his composition of the St. Matthew Passion for 19 singers.


I have been following him for a long time with more than a special interest. Because, as a composer, I feel that he holds a unique position within musical life in the Netherlands; because I don't see the themes he covers dealt with anywhere else; not least because he composes unique music without national or international compare; because he is a questioning composer who always manages to transpose existential or spiritual uncertainties and memories to music, eliciting intense responses from his listeners.

A. Fiumara, 2005